Locksmith in Skokie, Illinois (60076, 60077, 60203)

There are hundreds of stressful situations that may lead to a call for a locksmith. If you are in that situation keep calm and call Secure Locks. Our professional technicians are always ready to help, equipped and ready to assist you even in the most complicated cases.

Finding a locksmith near Skokie, IL


If you are looking for local Skokie locksmith, give Secure Locks a call! Secure Locks is one of the most trusted choices for any Skokie resident or business. We offer lockout emergency services, as well as residential, commercial, and automotive solutions. Local property management companies, dealers, and real estate agents will get special attention and pricing.

Car locksmith in Skokie, IL

There is no emergency that a Secure Locks locksmith cannot handle. Here is a list of our services:

  • Emergency Lockouts
  • Lock Rekey
  • Lock Replacement
  • Master Key Systems
  • Car Key Replacement and Duplication
  • Ignition Switch Replacement and/or Repair

About Skokie


The history of Skokie dates back to 1850’s when immigrants from Germany and Luxembourg came, giving the area a strong German flavor, expressed by Lutheran(1867) and Roman Catholic (1868) churches. By the 1870s a little town was emerging, and in 1888 the village of Skokie was incorporated. A flurry of land speculation occurred after 1925 when Samuel Insull built the Skokie Valley line of the North Shore Railroad (what became the Skokie Swift in 1964). Although the Great Depression thwarted the real-estate boom, leaving many lots vacant in Skokie throughout the 1930s, by the late 1940s revitalization and rezoning efforts stimulated commercial and residential growth.

Skokie continued to grow with the completion of the Edens Expressway in 1951, which provided greater access to Chicago; and the Old Orchard Shopping Center, opened in 1956, generated further commercial development in the area. During the 1950s and 1960s great numbers of houses were built, often using the streets laid out in the 1920s, and by 1970 the population reached 68,627.

Many of the new inhabitants of Skokie were Jewish people moving out of Chicago. They built a number of synagogues, which have continued to attract Jewish immigrants, most recently from Russia. To commemorate the Holocaust, of which many of Skokie’s Jewish residents were survivors, a memorial sculpture was dedicated in the community’s village center in 1987.

Since the early 1970s Skokie has attracted people from many parts of the world. The 2000 census reported that 21 percent of Skokie’s population was Asian, with 6 percent Hispanic and 5 percent African American; thirty-seven percent were foreign-born. The village of Skokie was not only a great melting pot of nationalities, but also a center for nearly four hundred companies.

Encyclopedia of Chicago

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