Duplicate Car Keys

A spare key will absolutely help you get out of even the most complicated emergency.  Secure Locks not only advises but also encourages having a spare key for your car.


Why Get a Spare Car Keys?

  • Emergencyhaving a backup key will come handy in the event of emergency, such as broken original key, chip malfunction, or a lockout
  • SavingsIt is a much better value for you to have a duplicate key now than having to pay for emergency lockout service or cutting a brand new key. Having a duplicate key now can save you tons of money in the future!
  • Worn keysIf you notice that yours is visibly worn out, old or slightly damaged, we recommend replacing it as soon as possible.  Worn or damaged keys may cause irreparable damage to the ignition lock cylinder which will result in a costly ignition repair or replacement service.

Order Duplicate Car Keys from a 24-hour Locksmith

Car Keys Duplication Services.

Even though we have you covered in any situation it is always better to prevent the emergency from happening. With a spare key, you won’t have to worry if you lose the original, damage its casing, or accidentally lock it inside the vehicle.

If you want to make duplicate keys for your vehicle or need a reliable car key replacement service, contact Secure Locks team. Our certified auto locksmiths have years of experience in car lock repair, keys replacement, car key programming, and other related services.

Enjoy all the advantages of collaborating with trusted and experienced professionals. We offer a wide range of automotive locksmith services for vehicles of different manufacturers and models.

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Cheap Car Key Duplication

Car key duplication always requires the original item; otherwise, you need to make a new key, which is a different type of service. Cutting a copy from the original is very easy. A professional locksmith places the existing key and a blank key on a special machine that reads and copies cuts and transponder data (restrictions apply).

Duplication is not the only way of getting a new car key. Depending on your situation, you might need code cutting, transponder chip programming, or other services. Call us to inquire about your vehicle and our consultant will immediately let you know whether it’s possible to duplicate your car key, as well as provide a price quote and availability. Be sure that Secure Locks experts can help you out almost in every situation.

We Can Make Duplicate Car Keys for the Following Manufacturers:

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Looking for Car Key Duplication Near You?

Our auto locksmiths are serving clients throughout the Chicagoland area. Ordering duplicate car keys from us is simple - just give us a call and our consultant will discuss your needs with you and give you a price quote.

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Below are the most common queries from our clients. Haven’t found the answer to your question? Reach out to us anytime and talk to one of our experts. We are always ready to help!

What auto manufacturers do you service?

Our experts are professionally trained to provide car key duplication service for most vehicles year 1998 and newer.

I lost my original key. Can you still make a duplicate without it?

Duplication is basically copying, so if the original is not present a copy can not be made.  However, it doesn’t mean you can’t have your car key back.  We will dispatch our technician and determine proper cuts, as well as cut and program a new key for you.  If your vehicle uses a push to start ignition we manage those as well.

My duplicate key doesn’t work. Is it defective?

Please be assured that customer service and support is one of our top priorities.  If you previously had a duplicate car key made from us and it stops working we will replace it for you within 90 days. Water and physical damage is not covered.

What’s the difference between key cutting and key duplication?

Key duplication is making a copy from the original working physical key. It usually doesn’t involve key fob or transponder chip programming. Key cutting is made based on the specific code numbers.

Can a local hardware store make a duplicate of my keys?

Some hardware stores offer car key duplication service. However, most do not program transponder or key fobs that are used in newer vehicles.  Secure Locks will do both on-site without you having to visit a store or dealership. Our specialists specialize in double sided, and laser cut keys.  Once the key is cut we will also program it for you.  Secure Locks professionals can make a copy of almost any type of key. Call us for more details.

Can you duplicate any key?

There are only a couple of cases in which the key cannot be copied. Our locksmiths will refuse to provide this service if the original key has some sort of  “Do Not Duplicate” warning. It’s generally illegal to make copies of the keys marked as “US property” (without authorization) and the mailbox keys (you should request the replacement key from the manufacturer for a fee). However, no such rules apply to car keys duplication service.  As long as you have a working original it’s possible to make a copy of it.

Where to find your price list?

It’s difficult to determine the cost without fully understanding the situation and the type of assistance required. You may only want to create a duplicate, but you might need additional programming or a key replacement which is a particular type of service. Give us a call and we’ll provide you with a consultation and estimate of cost.

What areas do you service?

All Secure Locks services are available 24/7 throughout the Chicagoland area. Call us anytime to order duplicate car keys!

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