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Any type of a lockout can quickly ruin your schedule. Our professional locksmiths are aware of the amount of stress a simple mistake may cause. We strive to make sure we get to your location as soon as possible, provide efficient and professional ignition switch replacement services, and get you back on schedule. Call Secure Locks for superb service, we are always there for you.

Finding a locksmith near Niles, IL

Locksmith Niles Chicago.

If you are looking for a dependable and local Niles locksmith, give us a call! Secure Locks is 100% licensed and insured in Illinois. We work hard to maintain your trust and confidence as one of the best locksmith companies in the city and suburbs.

Car locksmith in Niles, IL

No one is exempt from getting locked out or losing car keys. Even the most responsible people have their bad days and are unable to find their car keys. Our advice is not to stress out and call Secure Locks, so that we can provide quick and reliable service. We also offer residential and commercial locksmith services to all Niles residents and businesses.

About Niles

Niles Chicago IL.

The township of Niles formed in 1850; by 1884 the town, centered at Milwaukee, Waukegan, and Touhy Avenues, consisted of two stores, two hotels, one drugstore, three churches, three cemeteries, two schools, and one doctor’s office. In 1899, at the time of the village’s incorporation, the population was 500. The name of Niles was probably taken from the nationally distributed Niles Register newspaper.

After the turn of the century the Chicago Surface Lines street railway traveled down the middle of Milwaukee Avenue to Niles, bringing immigrants from Chicago. In the 1930s Niles’s population of 2,135 included 800 Polish orphans in St. Hedwig’s orphanage.

Covering six square miles, Niles has no official downtown area, but considers Milwaukee Avenue its commercial center. In the 1950s the village annexed an area at the northwest corner of the village, and construction of a commercial complex began soon afterward. The Golf Mill Shopping Center was dedicated in 1959. In 1989 approximately 1,100 businesses were active in the village, generating over $7 million in taxes.

Niles’s population totaled 30,068 in 2000; 83 percent were white, 34 percent were foreign-born; 13 percent were Asian. More than a quarter were 64 or older. The only Chicago suburb to offer free bus service to major shopping and recreational facilities, Niles transports more than 350,000 commuters annually. Residents have access to extensive services, ranging from senior citizen centers to six hundred park district programs to counseling services.

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