Honda Ignition Key Won’t Turn

If you are beginning to notice that your Honda/Acura car key does not turn in the ignition easily we suggest that you have it replaced or repaired.  Eventually the key will stop turning and will get stuck in the ignition lock cylinder which will leave you stranded due to inability to start the engine.  Unfortunately, this is a frequent occurrence in Honda/Acura laser key cut ignitions and there are a few reasons why this happens:

  • Worn keys – If you have a key that is slightly damaged or visibly worn down, it can damage “wafers” (pins inside of ignition lock cylinder that correspond perfectly to the cuts of your key) inside the lock cylinder resulting in inability to turn the car key and preventing the ignition from unlocking.
  • Worn/damaged wafers – The wafers themselves can wear down (so much so that in some cases the key can be removed while the engine is running), break or stick in a raised position, preventing the key from rotating.
  • Bent key – If the ignition lock cylinder is difficult to turn or the key cannot easily be inserted or pulled out the key might be bent.  Eventually this will cause wafer damage and further ignition lock cylinder failure.

Honda Ignition Repair Chicago & Suburbs

Once the key stops turning in your Honda ignition lock cylinder there are only two options; replace it with a new brand new Honda ignition lock cylinder, or repair it.  During this stressful situation most people instinctively call a Honda dealer thinking that this is the only way to fix the problem.  This option is expensive and time consuming, not to mention that the vehicle will have to be towed to the dealer.  On average Honda or Acura dealers will charge between $600-800 for repairs.  

Fortunately, there is another option – call Secure Locks to have your Honda ignition lock cylinder repaired.  There is no need to have your car towed anywhere as our professional technician will come to the location of your vehicle and fix it on site for a fracture of the dealer’s price.  

This may be a complicated process which will require up to two hours of labor.  However, when we are finished you will have a brand new properly functioning ignition.  Follow our steps on how we repair your damaged Honda ignition lock cylinder.

  1. Take out lock cylinder from housing
  2. Disassemble Honda ignition lock cylinder
  3. Replace both damaged and undamaged wafers with brand new ones
  4. Reassemble and reinstall back into Honda ignition housing
  5. Cut and program brand new key

As mentioned above, worn or bent key may cause a wafer damage.

Damaged wafer.

Once the wafer is damaged it starts to stick outside even when the key is inserted.  This damage results in a dysfunctional key operation.  This key will no longer turn and your vehicle will not start.

Dysfunctional key.

Image above shows a repaired ignition lock cylinder.  It is clear that all wafers are even when the key is inserted and the key will then turn and start the vehicle.

Secure Locks technicians are experienced and have repaired all varying types of  Honda/Acura ignitions.  We guarantee that after the process is done you will have a new functioning key as well as a newly repaired ignition lock cylinder which will last many more years.

Honda Ignition Replacement Chicago & Suburbs

Unfortunately, in some rare cases it is impossible to repair a Honda ignition lock cylinder.  Mostly it is due to severe damage inside of the cylinder and performing a simple repair does not fix it.  If this is the case our professionals would recommend that it be replaced with a new one. 

Although this process is quicker than fixing the ignition, it is more expensive.  This is because it will be a brand new ignition lock cylinder and it will come with a brand new key.  Unfortunately, the new key will not be the same as the old one.  Thus, it will not work for your door lock.  You would have to use your old key to lock/unlock your door lock and new key to start the vehicle.

It is usually a matter of time until the ignition on your Honda or Acura stops turning, especially on high mileage vehicles.  If you ever end up in this frustrating situation, feel free to call Secure Locks.  We are licensed and insured in Illinois.  Our technicians possess skills and experience to fix your Honda ignition cylinder and get you back on the road as soon as possible. 

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I have a 2004 Honda Odyssey that has a key stuck inside the ignition lock cylinder. Can you help me fix it?

Yes, absolutely. Secure Locks technicians have an ability to fix all Honda/Acura ignitions, regardless of year or model.

My Honda key got stuck in ignition. I sprayed WD40 and was able to turn it. However, now it is harder to turn than before. Should I be worried?

Unfortunately, it is a matter of time until it fails completely. We would recommend having it fixed as soon as possible to prevent you getting stranded with a non-functioning key.

I have two keys – one works perfectly fine and the other is stiff when I turn it. What should I do?

We would recommend you stop using the second key and only use the key that turns well. If at any point you feel that even the good key becomes difficult to turn this is an initial sign of some type of malfunction. You may have a week, a month, or 6 months, but eventually it will stop turning. Do not expect it to get worse before it fails, that is not always the case.

I am looking for a local honda ignition replacement service near me?  Does Secure Locks cover the Uptown neighborhood in Chicago?

Secure Locks covers all 77 Chicago neighborhoods, including the Northwest, West, and South suburbs. Even if you are outside of our coverage area, we are still able to send a technician out, although additional trip charge may be added.

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